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Civicomp Services and Fees


The software packages Model Maker , Road Maker , Pipe Maker and Survey Maker are used. Data and information can be emailed to us and results can be presented in various formats as required.

Land Surveyors - Provide drafting work to calculate and create all types of plans for approval by the SG.
Technical Surveyors - Modelling of survey data and creation of contours plans and detail drawings.
Consulting Engineers – Terrain modelling, Designs of township services and creations of drawings.
Earthworks Contractors – Calculation of quantities and setting out information on projects.
Related Disciplines – All projects where any of the Model Maker Systems software packages can be utilised.

Fee structure :

We charge an hourly rate of R 380.00/hour for work done and will provide a basic estimate to be accepted before commencing on a project.