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Welcome to Civicomp

Civicomp has been established in 1988 as a company providing bureau services to technical surveyors and civil engineering consultants and contractors. At that stage in-house developed software was used and many of today’s main contractors and consultants made use of these services since CAD design and quantification software was not commercially available.
After the establishment of Model Maker Systems in 1989 with the purpose of selling, supporting and further developing the software, Civicomp’s client base changed from services users to buyers of the software used by Civicomp. Today Civicomp and Model Maker Systems are still closely affiliated and the extensive range of Model Maker Systems software are utilised in providing accurate and cost effective services to companies in need of outsourced use of the software. We have the experience and expertise to do the work fast and accurate.

Our Services :

The software packages Model Maker , Road Maker , Pipe Maker and Survey Maker are used. Data and information can be emailed to us and results can be presented in various formats as required.
Land Surveyors - Provide drafting work to calculate and create all types of plans for approval by the SG.
Technical Surveyors - Modelling of survey data and creation of contours plans and detail drawings.
Consulting Engineers – Terrain modelling, Designs of township services and creations of drawings.
Earthworks Contractors – Calculation of quantities and setting out information on projects.
Related Disciplines – All projects where any of the Model Maker Systems software packages can be utilised.